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So I'm aware that I haven't been posting in regards to OBP often, but life has been uber busy this month (for reasons negative and positive). I do not have any pictures at the moment as I'm at work, but I will post a few pictures of my current projects later this week.

OBP activities I've done (almost) nightly over the past two weeks:
-Currently knitting Fall-colored socks. I work on this at least a few minutes a day.
-Apple Crisp for dessert last week! Pumpkin muffins are planned for later in the week.
-I'm going to a costume party this Saturday in a pirate lolita outfit. I made all the jewelry and am currently working on staining/painting a wooden treasure chest purse.
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I've been invited to a costume party on October 24th by[ profile] morganskye, so I decided to put together a pirate lolita outfit. Since I only have a week and a half until the party, I'm going to make it quick by picking up some items from Bodyline (their shipping estimates my order from yesterday should arrive Saturday--how speedy!) and making some accessories. Here's a checklist for those interested, but mostly for my reference:

  • Skirt changing the charms or switching chains if I have time
  • Shirt (I was going to buy this shirt for Fall/Winter anyway)
  • Hat idea: mini tricorn made like this; pick up items from Michael's/JoAnn's/Walmart this weekend (lace, ribbon, feather, beads, etc.)
  • Boots: My Babycakes
  • Stockings: black tights (have already) or something pirate-themed from the Halloween store
  • Accessories: Pirate/Nautical charms for necklaces and bracelets, skipping the eyepatch, possibly making a treasure chest purse if I have money and time
  • Hair ideas? I'm thinking either swept into a side ponytail or pulled back since it would really show my curls (a la Marie Antionette) Anyone know of a drugstore or other store that has the Hairzing or something like it? It looks like it could work with an updo, and I want one anyway.
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We watched Stephen King's The Mist this afternoon. I know, I know; you're supposed to watch scary movies at night. I like sleeping, thank you. :P I like Stephen King's horror movies because they preserve a crucial element that seems to be missing from most mainstream horror: downtime. Horror movies that constantly keep you on edge are silly to me. If I want endless adrenaline, I'll go to a theme park.

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(On Day 2 I got aggro'd by real life problems, so I'll make up that planned activity later in the month.)

Cupcakes! I had some orange vanilla-flavored buttercream left over from last week, so I dyed a small portion black to make faces. I used a tip #5 to get nice, thick lines. The adornments on the cupcakes include: crosses, pentagrams, ghosts, vampires, angry faces, scared faces, dead faces, and jack-o-lanterns.

Basic Buttercream Icing and more pictures )


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This is a nifty idea to get myself into the Fall season! But, instead of specifically Halloween-related activities, I'm going to use my October blog time to explore all kinds of Fall-themed things that I've been meaning to try including, but not limited to:
  • Branching out on my bread baking skills and recipes
  • Trying more Fall fruits/vegetables
  • Knitting socks
  • Creating reusable Fall/Halloween decor
I'll of course be doing typical October activities like pumpkin-carving, watching scary movies, and going to the fair as well. I do have a few projects in the works that may span several days or even a week (such as sock knitting), but as long as I work on something daily, that will satisfy my goal. I won't be blogging every day, but I'll be sure to document with photos.

Let the festivities begin!


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