Oct. 20th, 2009

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So I'm aware that I haven't been posting in regards to OBP often, but life has been uber busy this month (for reasons negative and positive). I do not have any pictures at the moment as I'm at work, but I will post a few pictures of my current projects later this week.

OBP activities I've done (almost) nightly over the past two weeks:
-Currently knitting Fall-colored socks. I work on this at least a few minutes a day.
-Apple Crisp for dessert last week! Pumpkin muffins are planned for later in the week.
-I'm going to a costume party this Saturday in a pirate lolita outfit. I made all the jewelry and am currently working on staining/painting a wooden treasure chest purse.
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Mom and Dad are practically begging to give me money for a down payment. o.o Not that they will be able to give me much (I figure $2500 tops) as they are both retired, but I appreciate it greatly. I didn't even have to ask!

Travis stayed home sick yesterday, so I persuaded him to call the lender that my boss recommended. We should have no problem prequalifying for a loan. We're making an appointment to go see her (and hopefully one or two more lenders). If the other lenders offer similar rates, we could really have a shot at buying the house. Basically if we can negociate the price of the house down a bit and bargain for the seller to cover some of the closing costs, we'll be in business!

The only difficult part will be selling my mobile home. Anyone interested in a 2004 double wide in good condition?


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