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My family isn't very supportive of bedsharing. Personally, I can't imagine my child sleeping alone in another room. (I don't even do well with him sitting in the back seat of my car where I can't see him!) I know it's not the "norm" for most families in the U.S. to share their bed with their children, but it's what feels right and works for us. I knew I wanted to co-sleep with Wesley's bassinet in our room, but I hadn't anticipated bedsharing.

Once I went back to work at 7 weeks postpartum, it just felt right to have him next to me in bed so I wouldn't have to lose sleep breastfeeding. I'm away from him for over ten hours each weekday. Why should I be away from him at night as well? He sleeps much more soundly and falls back asleep after brief wake-ups because he can feel me right next to him. I'm not worried about when he'll move to his own bed. He will when he's ready.

Mayim Bialik (star of Blossomshares her bedsharing experience.

Dr. James McKenna's thoughts and research.

A mother shares her bedsharing story.
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Mom and Dad are practically begging to give me money for a down payment. o.o Not that they will be able to give me much (I figure $2500 tops) as they are both retired, but I appreciate it greatly. I didn't even have to ask!

Travis stayed home sick yesterday, so I persuaded him to call the lender that my boss recommended. We should have no problem prequalifying for a loan. We're making an appointment to go see her (and hopefully one or two more lenders). If the other lenders offer similar rates, we could really have a shot at buying the house. Basically if we can negociate the price of the house down a bit and bargain for the seller to cover some of the closing costs, we'll be in business!

The only difficult part will be selling my mobile home. Anyone interested in a 2004 double wide in good condition?


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