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This year's Blog Action Day topic is Climate Change. I have been on an analytical self-growth bent lately, and this week I realized that maybe cleaning up our environment has inspired me to clean up me.

I remember writing a story in 8th grade related to global warming. I tried to picture what the world would be like one hundred years from now if temperatures continued to rise. What I ended up with was a Christmas in New England similar to a Christmas in Australia. It was a strange idea to visualize one of my favorite holidays so differently, and that humanity could prevent it if we changed our lifestyle.

Life has changed since I was in 8th grade 14 years ago, but not at the speed my 8th grade self would have liked. Captain Planet and Ferngully are just other forgotten cartoons. Environmental concerns have come back "in fashion," though, and I can tell by the amount of "green" items you can buy. Items made to last and be used longer than desposable counterparts (such as reusable shopping bags) are wonderful ideas that I hope will continue to become part of our culture again. It feels responsible and honorable to buy a well-made item that you know you will pass down to others in your family because it will still work and work well.

Much in the way I chose to lose weight when I reached a stable point in my career, now that my self-confidence and outer image are stable, I've decided to work on my inner self. I'm meditating again (I did for a while in college), which is yielding peace of mind and clarity. I've felt compelled to study different religions, and I've gleaned understanding on so many levels. I'm far from where I want to be, but I'm walking my path more confidently with no regrets. It feels like I'm starting to live my inner life congruently with my outer life.

Some things I have been doing to live greener:
-recylcing when possible
-cutting out chemical cleaners and bathroom products when possible
-staying conscious of the items I purchase and the packaging's recylability
-starting to thrift more instead of buying new items
-cooking with fresh ingredients to reduce waste
-growing my own spices
-the husband and I work at the same job, so we only have one car, and it's a hybrid

Websites that have helped me with tips on "greening" my life and myself:
Care2 - I especially enjoy reading articles by Deepak Chopra
GoVeg - If you want to take the leap to vegetarian, vegan, or just want more information
Meatless Monday - Going meatless once a week is a way to save money on food


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